WHY Study in MALTA? 

  • English is one of the two official languages in Malta and is the first language used in education, business and tourism sectors throughout the islands.
  • Malta is easily accessible as it is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean.
  • Malta is a member of the European Union and the Commonwealth. It is well known for its social and economic stability.
  • Malta is a very popular tourist destination. The weather is relatively warm all year round. The beautiful coastline is ideal for water sports, diving and sailing.
  • Due to its developing financial services sector, film production incentives, maritime industry and online gaming, Malta has become increasinglyattractive to major international businesses.
  • Malta offers a variety of excursions and activities apart from a colourful evening entertainment.
  • Malta has 7000 years of intriguing history and a unique historical heritage resulting from the presence across the ages of Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman and British cultures.
  • Malta enjoys a low crime rate and is widely regarded as one of the most secure and safe countries in the EU.
  • Malta’s bathing sites have excellent water quality. Malta placed at the top of the EU list of the bathing water quality report issued in May 2015 (EU Environment Agency Report 2015).
  • Compared to other major European Countries, Malta offers excellent educational quality at highly competitive prices.


Capital:  Valletta – UNESCO City / Capital of Culture 2018 International Calling Code +356
Population: Approximately 420,000 Time Zone: GMT+1
Official Languages: English & Maltese Currency: Euro
Airport:  Malta International Airport Emergency: 112